Cavity Underneath a Long Bridge

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Patient presented with pain and a loose bridge in the upper left posterior. #11 was decayed and not restorable.

Non restorable decay on upper left canine

Although the original bridge was from #11-15, three implants were planned to restore the edentulous span, one canine, one premolar and one molar. The bridge was sectioned mesial to #15, the canine was extracted and two implants were placed on the first visit. Because the patient elected to have a stayplate provisional, both implants were submerged to prevent inadvertent pressure and micromotion.

Four months later the third implant was placed in the site of the extracted canine and the other two implants were uncovered.

After 10 weeks of healing, the patient was referred back to the restorative dentist for impressions. The final xray below is 6 months after crowns were placed and in function.

6 months post cementation

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