Replacing a Missing Upper Right First Molar

Missing a first molar tooth can be uncomfortable, primarily due to missing function and food impaction. Favoring the opposite side can cause the jaw to become sore and even worse something called TMD, or temporomandibular disorder, where the jaw joint clicks and eventually erodes leading to chronic pain. Additionally over long periods of time, teeth can drift and cause the bite to change.

Missing first molar

Fortunately replacing teeth with dental implants can help prevent these complications from ever occurring. A simple procedure with a tiny incision is made in the gums providing access to create space for the dental implant.

Five millimeter round incision made in the gums

Once the space is created, the implant is inserted into the bone and a healing cap is secured on top to allow the gums to adhere. Over the next 6-10 weeks the bone grows to the surface of the implant and creates a foundation that will eventually support a crown.

Immediate post operative view of implant with healing cap

Dental Implant Daily


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