Replacing an Upper Right Second Molar With a Dental Implant

Root fracture and bone loss around upper right second molar

The above xray shows a root canal treated upper right second molar with infection around the roots caused by a fracture. This tooth required extraction to allow resolution of infection and to prevent further bone loss.

Healed socket after four months of healing, no bone graft was required

With an atraumatic extraction and good socket debridement/disinfection, no bone grafting was necessary and the site regenerated completely to allow for ideal placement of a dental implant.

Immediate post operative xray of the dental implant replacing the upper right second molar

The implant required 10 weeks of healing and was referred back to her restorative dentist to make the final crown. In total, two simple surgical procedures were required to replace the broken tooth. First the extraction and second the implant placement.

3 years after the implant was placed and restored

A dental implant is the ideal solution to replace a missing tooth, allowing people to return to normal function. Even under the most demanding chewing forces dental implants can feel comfortable and reliable.

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