Root Fracture on Lower Right Molar

Xray of lowe right first molar with infection at the apex of one of the roots

This patient was seen by an endodontist to retreat a root canal on the lower right first molar. After the evaluation a root fracture was diagnosed which required extraction of the existing tooth. We performed the tooth extraction, socket debridement and disinfection. No bone graft or membrane was required to achieve ideal healing and bone regeneration. After 4 months of healing the implant surgery was performed.

Immediate post operative xray of implant replacing the lower right first molar

About a year and a half later, the patient was referred back because of a similar situation with the next tooth over, the lower right second premolar. As the case progresses updates will be posted.

Dental implant with final crown. The premolar now has a root fracture requiring treatment.

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